The instructions for the use of the Wow Bust

Wow Bust - features and General information on the product

Form of issue:

the cream in the tube


To 50 ml of a

The purpose of the:

the breast

The cream of the Wow Bust quick breast enlargement without any of the consequences of the surgery. Now, every girl and every woman can become the owner of a chic bust.

The cream is made from natural raw materials of vegetable origin. Active ingredients: wheat germ oil, avocado oil, Shea butter (karite).

Keep an eye out! Cream for breast enlargement Wow Bust available-for-sale in the Czech Republic directly from the manufacturer. If you subscribe to the app to let you to our official web site, putting them in a form, a name and a phone number.

Cream for breast enlargement - indications:

  • the small nature of the size of the breast
  • during the diet or after rapid weight loss
  • for age-related changes in the neck of the
  • by reducing the volume and deterioration in the form of the following lactation.

The reasons for breast enlargement can be a lot of. However, the main one of these is the desire to possess the beautiful elastic breast. Very often, even those women, who by nature is a beautiful and large Breasts face such problems, such as sagging, loss of elasticity, excessive tenderness.

As a result of this research, it was found that the hand cream Wow Bust to effectively enhance your Chest, tightens, softens stretch marks, gives elasticity, prevents the age-related changes, and addresses the characters by their appearance. Cream is generic for-girls-and-women over the age of 18 years of age. Does not cause allergies, no negative side effects.

There are no contra-indications. The exception - the rare individual intolerance of one component in the set-up, the postoperative recovery period. Is also recommended that you consult a physician prior to use during pregnancy, lactation, in the presence of a serious illness, temporary or permanent in nature.

Wow Breast cream for breast enlargement - how to apply for a fast result

The use of the Wow Bust - guidance on the application of the cream

To enhance the shape and increase the breast size, it is used Wow Bust twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Actively RUB each breast for 5 minutes. The minimum duration of the application of the 30-day period. To speed up the recovery, improve the condition of the skin and eliminate stretch marks - apply cream at least 3 times a day.

The number of courses required to achieve the desired result to be achieved is determined by the individual and, in some cases, may be increased. For example, for a breast, two -, and three-sizes - an increase in the exchange rate over a period of three to six months.

It is important for you to know! For the best results and the most rapid result, apply cream should be massage in a circular motion. Massage the right breast in a clockwise direction, to the left in a counter clockwise direction. To begin with, the circumference of the nipple, and gradually increase the diameter of the massage rings. The implementation of the move with one hand and support the Breast than a bowl. Take time for yourself. Massage each of the breasts should be given at least a three-to-five minutes.