How to enhance your breasts without plastic surgery

breast augmentation

Surgeons say that there is a fashion for big Boobs hosted. The girls come to a specialist with the request to correct format, or to return after delivery, if you want to zoom in, and then only in one size, not two or three as soon as possible. By the way, for those of you who are afraid to go under the knife, there are a number of ways on how to make your Breasts a little more.

What determines the size of the breast

Our Chest has a constructor, which is made up of several types of tissue: glands, with a mass of water, fat, hides and skins, it is also considered to be an integral part of the breast. The chest has a muscle – one of the species in the mammary gland, as well as the muscle on the anterior surface of the upper part of the chest (here at level 2 of the instructions, start the subcutaneous muscle of the neck).

On the basis of the input data, the size of the breast depends on your body mass, the size of your breasts, the condition of the skin in the bust and neck, and body posture.

In the background of the game of hormones (in particular estrogen) in the breast may increase or decrease throughout their lives, most clearly seen during pregnancy and breast-feeding. In light of the fact that it is in the skin of the breast, from the time when it loses its elasticity, the stretch, the iron loss of the form is reduced, so that it is not the chest. It may even fall out – a condition, such as in the case of a person who is referred to as ptosis.

Experts say that it is, in some cases, to go back to the chest in pristine shape and even to increase by one the size of it is possible without the participation of a physician, even though it is not a quick process, and it does not always produce the desired effect, but it's worth a try. The game itself is fun and result-oriented will help you not only to get a firmer Breast, but also to get in shape.

How to increase breast fitness

Of the breast, you can pump up not only men, but women, or rather, scientifically, to increase the height of the breast on the chest.

To do this, you will need to regularly (preferably every day, instead of a charge) to do the exercises to enhance the pectoral muscles. Here are the most effective.

Pushups from the knees

Nice workout both in the morning and before going to bed. You can have a lot of to relieve stress. You'll need to do a push-UP, which is not based on "tiptoes" but on your knees.

Dumbbell bench press from the chest of the

To do this, you will need to handle the appropriate weight, see a trainer or in a retail store), on the bench, if he is not at home, suitable for two chairs, which can be given over for use as a bench. This practice is recommended under the supervision of a trainer.

Claps hands

This exercise can be done at home or even in the office, on simple movements, allowing you to develop the muscles of the chest wall.

You can sit or stand. Hands up to the level of the nose, and they connect to. Dilute the elbows to the sides so that they are parallel to the floor. You try to slap the palm of the hand, clenched his fingers 10 times in a row.

methods for breast enlargement

A wide smile

People say that smiling people are to achieve, so smile more often, it helps to pump the Breasts.

Now, just repeat this simple exercise (on the market if you have no complexes) – a smile as wide as possible for 15 times in a row. This exercise forces you to reduced subcutaneous neck muscles, enhances the rear, it retains the tone of the tissues that support the Breasts, which, indirectly, makes it more elastic.

How to enlarge the breast by a nursing

To the condition of the skin of the bust is up to a lot of. Since the skin on the breast and the type of insurance coverage, if it is, the shape of the gland, it is unattractive. So, after a 30 start to actively take care of the chest.

The cleaning of the skin

Be sure to do the peeling of the skin on the bankruptcy of the once or twice a week, use a special tool to free the resources, because the skin here is thin. Apply with light smoothing movements. This process will help you to get rid of the skin, of toxins, toxins that will lead to tone and enhance penetration of the ingredients of the care products.

Do you do the massage

Each and every day in the shower to do a breast massage with cold water in a circular motion. And after these manipulations massage of chest, arms in a circular motion, this will make the Breasts more rounded and elastic.

Use care

Apply the cream after your shower, select a product for the care of the chest, or a neck with a lifting effect. They moisturize, smooth, nourish, and strengthen the backs of the dermis.

enlarge Breasts

To help protect your skin

On the beach, to keep your breasts in the bra, as the sun can have harmful effects on the skin, promote premature aging, and, in the case of cancer of the mammary gland. During the summer months, be sure to apply cream with SPF protection for the chest and décolleté.

To sleep properly

Experts advise, in order to maintain the beautiful shape of the breast, as it has not been difficult for you to sleep on your back.

How to enlarge breast with diet

It is well known that with increasing age the amount of estrogen in the body decreases and of healthy women, in particular, the size of your breasts, it really depends. To promote the release of estrogen is safer through the proper diet. The entry in the menu foods rich in phytoestrogens. Delicious and healthy, are beans, cottage cheese, lentils, yogurt, brown rice, barley, carrots, cucumber, beets, flax seeds, pistachio nuts, green tea, strawberries, raspberries, green beans, and zucchini.

How to enlarge breast through her bra

The simplest measure is that it gives an instant effect of breast enhancement is a push-up. However, experts warn that it is better to use them on special occasions. The Push-up grips on the upper part of the chest, so the skin thins, and the breast loses its elasticity.

Your best bet is to buy a good bra will support the breast. That would not be encountered, it is mapped to the weight of the breast and cause discomfort.

How to enlarge breast by the posture of the

In a very large number. If you keep your back straight, chest looks bigger, and you'll look taller.

Take a walk on the street, to the style of the "is – writing". It makes me feel like an actress on the red carpet: keep your back straight, as if you pull up the shoulder straps to pull a bit to the back, the chest is raised – an outstanding kick at the ready.