Breast augmentation: what you need to know before deciding on surgery

Of course, mammoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries for women of any age. Mammoplasty includes both breast augmentation and breast lift or correction. Before deciding on the operation, you need to know some important things, study the issue thoroughly. The head surgeon of the plastic surgery clinic will tell you how to choose a competent specialist, determine what size implants are appropriate in a given case, what consequences breast plastic surgery may have, and other important information.

How to choose a competent specialist?

Sometimes, as soon as you enter the surgeon's office, you feel a warning inside. No, your inner voice will tell you. It doesn't matter what feelings you are experiencing at the same time - you are afraid of offending the doctor, he will be embarrassed, you are afraid of losing the audience even with the star doctor himself - you just have to turn and leave. Indications for performing mammoplasty are most often aesthetic factors. For example, dissatisfaction with the shape, size or position of the breasts. Therefore, the surgeon must be selected with the utmost care. It is important to be not only a competent professional, but also a person with whom communication is pleasant.

A trusting relationship between the doctor and the patient is essential for the successful discussion of the surgery itself and the desired results. It is morally difficult to discuss such issues with a person who is not credible, or worse, unpleasant. When communicating with the doctor, it is essential to feel as calm and relaxed as possible. This is not only a guarantee of trust, but also of the successful completion of the operation itself. Therefore, listen to your inner voice and find an experienced surgeon with whom you will feel "on the same page".

consultation before breast augmentation surgery

Size matters

Before surgery, your physical condition should be assessed as impartially as possible. A fragile little girl with a huge bust looks a bit discordant, doesn't it? It is better to choose the size of the future breast together with the surgeon. Already during the first consultation, we have the opportunity to get to know the surgeon's work and appreciate how this or that shape and different sizes look like in life. In the same way, the form of the implants is selected according to the individual principle. In the spirit of naturalness, many girls prefer drop-shaped implants. They really look natural, but it is impossible to recommend them to every patient one after the other. Some girls look more organic with round implants. The doctor helps in selecting the implant based on the structure of the chest skeleton, posture and the natural appearance of the breast. Of course, the final agreement is made only together with the patient - the doctor never imposes his vision on him.

Skin tightening is important

Childbirth and breastfeeding aren't the only things that may require firming your breasts before they get bigger. Work aimed at tightening the skin of the chest can also be assigned to girls who have a cone-shaped bust or pronounced asymmetry in the location of the mammary glands. In these cases, it is impossible to achieve the perfect result if you limit yourself to breast augmentation only, skipping the lifting stage. And after giving birth and breastfeeding, the breast often loses volume, but not the overstretched skin. In this case, you can choose between two options: inserting a very large implant, which is not always appropriate and aesthetic, and is also difficult to wear every day, or use the combined method of breast lift and implant implantation. Of course, the second option is more optimal and effective, and it is also safe for health.

First the children, later the breasts

Modern breast augmentation methods are safe and less traumatic, and they mean preserving the possibility of breastfeeding even after the operation. But if the implant is inserted through a circular incision along the areola, it compromises the integrity of the milk flow channels, which can make feeding difficult in the future. In the event that another type of access is chosen (under the breast under the breast or in the armpit through the armpit), then there is no need to worry.

mammoplasty and breastfeeding

The operation does not come alone

If the girl by nature has a very small, almost complete lack of breasts, and the girl dreams of having a full-fledged third, then the operation should be carried out in two stages. The first step is the implantation of small implants. The skin gets used to it and stretches slightly. After that, in the second stage, the small implants are changed to the size desired by the patient. But two-stage surgery is irrelevant for those who seek the help of plastic surgeons after childbirth. In this case, the breast elongates naturally, so there is no need for correction with minimal implants.

repeated mammoplasty for breast correction

Cheap does not mean good

The internet is full of cheap breast augmentation ads. Of course, miracles happen in life, but very rarely. Before signing the contract, you must confirm the surgeon's qualifications. Listen to examples of your work, evaluate the portfolio, do not hesitate to ask for documents related to education. It is also worth asking about what brand of implants the doctor plans to insert. It happens that the manufacturer gives new models at discounted prices only because the products have not yet undergone special clinical tests. In this case, patients who receive such an implant without realizing it are involuntary participants in the experiment. And no one can predict the outcome of this experiment.

Active life is changing

The rehabilitation period is not so long, but during this time the usual comfort and usual, it seems, actions become something unusual. For example, household chores that require arm and chest tension are difficult. After general anesthesia, you will first feel apathy and drowsiness. You must forget about active sports for at least two months. If life is impossible without a gym, try replacing it with a pool or a walk. And, of course, you should forget about baths, saunas and other heating procedures for six months. It has to be endured for the sake of beauty.

Rehabilitation takes time

You must wear special compression underwear for a month. Although there is nothing terrible in this - the underwear looks comfortable and attractive. In addition, during the week you must sleep strictly on your back. If you forget and spend the night on your side or stomach, in the morning the bust will not please you with asymmetry. It is strongly discouraged to raise your arm above the shoulder line for two weeks to prevent displacement of the implants. The restrictions introduced ensure the normal development of the connective tissue sheath around the implant, which helps the implant not to feel like a foreign body and to return to normal life without restrictions.