Breast enlargement before and after birth

The female figure changed dramatically after the birth of a child. The winner of the small size of the do breast before and after the birth of the implants. The method uses an injection of own fat is suitable only for slender ladies. Increases the the way, only one size, so that the majority of women choose implants. Some of the girls are in doubt, you can do this prior to sending the message, would not be a reason to move on to the next step. Now don't be afraid of it. There are a number of modern designs, which will not affect the pregnancy and breast-feeding. However, there are a variety of options, ranging from the implant the method of its installation.

The three methods of implants for breast augmentation

  1. The town below the base of the breast, the natural line of the bend zone is placed under the breast, the scars inconspicuous, and feeding will not be affected, it may be carried out either before or after the baby is born.
  2. Zone the areola – the operation is more convenient for a breast augmentation after having a baby and breastfeeding, since this may cause damage to the milk ducts, which inhibits milk yield.
  3. Axilla – the mammary gland does not influence the choice of the method to be used, regardless of the costs of pregnancy and childbirth.

The best implants for breast augmentation

the implants for breast augmentation

Today, there is a lot of debate about the form of the implant, which form is better: drop by drop, oval, or round. However, by this point, it is not important that the list of issues that need to be resolved prior to surgery. The choice of the shape depends on the wishes of the woman's natural physiology. It is important, however, that the implantable prosthesis is constructed from high-quality, non-allergenic material. It has served for as long as possible, not to change it in 4 to 5 years.

For the breast augmentation, prior to the delivery of a selection of the special hypoallergenic implant depends on the health of the expectant mother and the baby.

What to choose, breast augmentation before or at the time of birth

During pregnancy, the Breasts swell, increasing its volume. The skin is stretched. After the delivery and breast-feeding, in most of the cases a happy mother gets a saggy stretched Breasts that have lost volume, shape, beauty. The deformation may be minor or quite serious, it all depends on your body, that is, the quantity of the milk, the properties of the skin.

Of course, if you look at the changes in the mirror, he decides to fix it. The lift is often accompanied by implantation. Breast enlargement after having a baby, it eliminates the need for removal of the sagging of the skin, which fills the space with an implant. The female form becomes three-dimensional, sexual.

If a woman is planning to be held in the future, but this is a large, beautiful Bust, for the implantation of right now, is that the decision is well-founded. Enhanced with implants to nulliparous women was not threatened by a series of subsequent procedures. The result will be stored. However, it is worth it, if we take into account that plasticity, and pregnant women should have at least a couple of months.