The most popular breast augmentation methods

Tight and flexible female breasts are the dignity of women of any age. But rarely are genders happy with the size of their busts. Many of them are making tremendous efforts to increase their shape without surgery. However, in this arduous job of perfect busting, it is very important to choose the safest methods of enlargement that do not harm your health.

What factors can affect size and shape?

The breast is a mammary gland surrounded by adipose tissue. Their size is due to blood hormone levels and sensitivity of glandular tissues. Breasts with a low estrogen response will not enlarge based on the amount of estrogen in the blood. This difference is observed when taking contraceptives. So some breasts will grow while others will remain the same size.

The size of the bust is directly affected by adipose tissue. It grows with age and almost completely replaces other tissues in the mammary glands during menopause. During this period, owners of the fair sex can get seductive and luxurious breasts caused by the increase in size caused by adipose tissue. Shape and size can also be affected by chest muscle tone and skin condition. As you age, your skin becomes less elastic and your muscles weaken, leading to sagging of once lush breasts.

It follows that devices that directly affect the hormonal background, the condition of adipose tissue in the skin and breast, are able to enlarge breasts without surgery. Here are some effective ways to enlarge your breasts.

A complex of physical activity

dumbbell exercises for breast augmentation

Specially selected physical exercises that target the muscles under the breasts and around the edges help reshape the breasts without surgery. Exercises that strengthen and tone these muscles help lift and visually enlarge the breasts. You can not only train with a trainer in the gym, but also at home. The regularity of training, the repetition of exercises several times a week and the correct execution are very important here.

Recumbents are considered to be the most effective in breast augmentation. You should start with recliners from the wall, then move smoothly into a chair, and when the muscles in the arms and chest area strengthen, you can insert the recliner from the floor into your workouts. For this exercise to produce the best results, the exercise should be performed daily without interruption.

Dumbbell exercises have also been shown to be effective. For training, you will need 2 dumbbells, each weighing 1-1. 5 kg (gradually increasing the weight to 3-4 kg). They do a lot of exercises with dumbbells, but bench press is considered the most effective. To do this, you should be in a supine position and, taking dumbbells in both hands, bend your elbows. Keep your shoulders on the floor. At the same time, raise your arm, fully straightened. Return to starting position. The sensation of pain in the armpits and chest muscles tells you the correctness of the exercise.

Repair underwear

measuring breast size after magnification

You can use special bras to lift your breasts and visually enlarge them without surgery. The special cut, the shape of the cups, the foam and the silicone inserts help to achieve the desired result. Choosing the right bra will help you visually enlarge your breast in 1-2 sizes.

Apply masks

chest mask to increase size

Masks used for breast augmentation are mixtures of ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the breast. The mask should be applied to the breast skin for 10-15 minutes and then washed off with room temperature water. The following ingredients are most often used to make masks: yogurt, sour cream, kefir, chicken egg white, fresh cucumber, apple sauce. If the mixture is very thick, you can add a little milk. The mask is applied to the chest and then spread on the surface with light massaging movements. Strong pressure is not allowed. To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to perform the mask after physical exercises for breast augmentation.


Massage the bust with a jet of water. It is necessary to adjust the hot water and form the pressure medium. Due to the effect of this water jet on the chest, the condition of the skin improves, the elasticity of the chest increases and blood circulation improves. A contrast shower is effective when hot water alternates with cold water. Do not overheat the water and the pressure is strong - this can damage the mammary gland.

Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage, when a special device is applied to the chest, is also an effective procedure. A breast augmentation pump is a cup that is placed on the breast and then a vacuum is created. The pressure in the machine allows blood to flow into the breast, which increases its size. It is not recommended to perform a vacuum massage on your own. It is better to entrust such a procedure to a professional, which will help to avoid possible negative consequences.

vacuum breast augmentation

You should know that vacuum massage, where a pump is used for breast augmentation, cannot provide a lasting effect. This method is quite expensive and the effect lasts up to 30 days. In addition, vacuum massage has side effects: chest pain and hypersensitivity.

Cosmetics and medicines

They contain various creams, gels and herbal pills with phytoestrogens (herbal analogues of female sex hormones) often to enlarge the mammary glands. The use of such funds is aimed at increasing the blood circulation and metabolism of the breast, which contributes to its growth. Phytoestrogens have a mild effect compared to hormonal preparations containing estrogen, so the risk of side effects is much lower. When deciding to use any cream or gel, it is best to consult your doctor. The impact of the use of such funds will be only temporary; decreases or disappears completely after stopping the drug.

Diet for breast augmentation

food for breast augmentation

Properly formulated diet will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the whole body and help improve the appearance of the breast. Diet can only help breast growth at a young age when girls ’bodies are taking shape. In women of excellent age, whose bodies have already developed, proper nutrition does not promote breast growth, but has a positive effect on her elasticity.

Young girls who want toned and spectacular breasts should definitely include cabbage, carrots, apples, legumes, cereals, citrus fruits, lentils, green peas, oats in their diet. Bran and brewer's yeast are also preferred. Frequent overeating, alcohol consumption, drug use, and smoking negatively affect the condition of the body and chest - including. Therefore, you need to give up bad habits, otherwise you may forget about attractive breasts in the future.

Breast augmentation with implants

Breast augmentation with surgery, in which implants are inserted, is an effective method for a long time. The plastic surgeon selects the implant. The most commonly used filler is silicone. Breast augmentation surgery is not cheap at all, so the choice of implants depends primarily on the patient’s financial capabilities.