How to increase breast volume: alternative methods for breast augmentation

increased breast size

A fair representative of the fair is pleased with the appearance of her breasts. Someone is not happy with the shape of the mammary glands, but in most cases there are special experiences related to the size of the bust. No wonder breast augmentation surgeries are the most popular in plastic clinics. But such a drastic solution is not for everyone.

This is stopped not only by the high cost of the operation, but also by the possible negative consequences that unfortunately occur. Women don’t have to worry about this, there are more affordable ways to achieve the goal. Those who do not know how to increase breast volume should become familiar with the recipes used in the accumulated treasures of traditional medicine and modern effective methods.

Traditional methods to promote breast augmentation

The attractiveness of women has been appreciated by members of the stronger sex worldwide. Maybe they manage to preserve the seductive ability of the shapes thanks to the folk breast augmentation methods preserved since ancient times. Women used mallow roots for this purpose. It is made into a decoction that is used for drinking and compresses.

You need 4 tablespoons to cook. l. chopped dry roots, pour a liter of cold water and put on fire. When the water boils, put on a low heat and simmer for a quarter of an hour. The filtered broth should be drunk three times a day, 100 ml half an hour before a meal. You should make an compress by infusing in the evening. The process of taking the decoction can be repeated after a month, a week break. In order for the breast to achieve 1 meter growth, it takes 3 months to a year, depending on individual characteristics.

Alternative breast augmentation methods often include hops containing phytoestrogen. After the morning and evening showers, massage the breasts, rubbing the hop cone oil into the skin with light, gentle movements. You can also make a drink by pouring 1 tablespoon of thermos. l. chopped dry hop cones, pour 250 ml of boiling water and leave overnight. In the morning, filter the infusion and divide it into three doses. The admission course can be repeated after a three-week break and then a one-week break.

Everyone has heard of a village breast augmentation technique like eating cabbage. Scientists have confirmed the effectiveness of this method, but believe that it is not necessary to eat cabbage, but to drink juice from it, and note that such a recipe is useful only for young girls whose breasts only grow.

To make young girls' breasts bigger, a cuff will help to make an infusion by pouring a dessert spoon of herb into a pan and pouring 300 ml of boiling water, bring to a boil, turn off the heat, cool and strain, dividetwo steps. Drink the cuff for a month, repeat after a week break.

Breast augmentation was studied with folk remedies by an American doctor, Edgar Cayce. He suggested that women use cocoa butter in their massage. During the procedure, the areas under the armpits are treated, just below them and between the breasts.

Tips for breast augmentation from dietitians

Nutritionists can also help women who want a bigger chest. Their advice on breast augmentation is related to the inclusion of foods containing phytoestrogens in the diet.

In adolescence, when there are significant changes in the hormonal background in a girl’s body, estrogen begins to be produced in large amounts, which stimulates the growth of the bust. Thereafter, the levels of this hormone decrease. The use of products containing phytoestrogens allows it to "trick" the body a little, temporarily return to adolescence, and the breast begins to grow again.

Soy is the champion of this substance. All products from it: yogurt, tofu cheese, butter, and soybeans should be on the menu as often as possible. They contain phytoestrogens and members of the legume family: green peas, beans, beans. Therefore, food made from them will not be unnecessary in the diet either.

Cereals help increase phytoestrogen levels, so bran, oats, wheat, lentils, millet should be included in the menu.

White cabbage, which is often associated with large busts, does not have as many phytoestrogens, but broccoli and cauliflower contain them in large quantities. Seeds and nuts are not left behind.

Such a diet is great not only for those who are worried about increasing breast volume, but also for girls who have decided to improve their body health, get rid of extra pounds and become younger.

Breast augmentation with training

exercises for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation at home can be achieved by doing a whole series of physical exercises.

Because the mammary glands do not have muscles, the positive result is provided by strengthening the pectoral muscles, which makes the breasts flexible and gives them excellent shape.

In this case, the loads should be significant as these muscles are strong and large.

Workouts should be given 1-1, 5 hours three times a week.

Daily exercise is not necessary as muscle growth occurs during rest and not during exercise.

The number of iterations and approaches is gradually increasing.

Dumbbells are used in workouts.