How to enlarge breasts at home without surgery

To dream of a beautiful, wonderful bust is typical of many girls. Not everyone is rewarded with a large bust of nature. Because of this, girls are thinking about how to enlarge their breasts at home without surgery. This is possible with the help of proper nutrition, special exercises, massage procedures.

Some women resort to plastic surgery or the use of birth control pills. Both methods are radical and unsafe and can have unpleasant consequences. The techniques described below do not increase the size of the breast by 2-3 sizes, but give it a beautiful shape and firmness.

Is Breast Augmentation Possible Without Surgery?

It takes a lot of effort and time to get a toned bust. You can enlarge your breasts without plastic surgery at home with the following activities:

  • use of alternative therapies;
  • taking hormonal drugs;
  • through proper nutrition;
  • massage treatments.

A radical method is mammoplasty, i. e. surgical enlargement of the mammary glands.

How to enlarge a bust at home

The size of the mammary glands is determined by the genetic characteristics of the body, the physique. There are several ways to change the shape of your breasts. The mammary glands can be enlarged:

  • regular contrast shower - with the decrease of temperature the microcirculation improves, the blood flow increases;
  • balanced diet;
  • regular sex;
  • use of herbal compresses, masks;
  • using iodine mesh - causes blood flow, gives elasticity to the skin;
  • taking hormonal contraceptives;
  • breast massage to improve microcirculation and blood supply.

Breasts naturally enlarge during pregnancy. During this time, the body actively produces female hormones that transform a woman’s appearance. By doing physical exercises, you can strengthen your chest muscles and tighten them.

how to enlarge breasts without surgery

Creams and gels

Modern cosmetic and pharmaceutical products allow for non-surgical intervention. You can change the shape and volume of your breasts with the help of special estrogen-containing gels and creams. Moisturizing and nourishing creams soften the skin and restore its elasticity.

Breast care products are also represented by oils, vitamins, body lotions and gels.

Some creams are rich in phytoestrogens, which are similar to female sex hormones. These elements are found in soy, amber and other plants. Other therapies, such as blue clay, kigelin, are designed to speed up blood circulation to the mammary glands. The only disadvantage of drugs is the short duration of action.

rub the cream into the breast to increase

Hormonal drugs

Often, women resort to contraception in the hopes of getting the shapes they want. It is important to note that the wrong choice of drug, the dosage of the drug is fraught with violation of the cycle, the formation of malignant formations. Products that are high in estrogen, xenoestrogen, prolactin, and testosterone can enlarge the mammary glands.

Hormonal drugs do not permanently increase gland volume, have a short-term effect, and only work while taking the pills. In addition to the beneficial properties, contraceptives also have negative aspects.

Side effects

Side effects of hormonal drugs:

  • disruption of the digestive system;
  • nervous system disorders, increased emotion, migraine;
  • fluid retention in the body, weight gain;
  • development of candidiasis;
  • incidence of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, arrhythmias, bradycardia.

After three months, dependence on the tablets develops, and the side effects gradually disappear.

breast measurement and exercises to increase it

Diet for the breast

Every change in the body depends on the food. You can get big breasts by adding foods like:

  • chicken breast;
  • soy-bean;
  • white fish;
  • Seafood;
  • milk;
  • linden tea;
  • oats;
  • peas, beans;
  • Brown rice;
  • barley;
  • cabbage.

You can also grow a large bust with the help of complex exercises and a proper sleep pattern.

healthy foods for breast growth


The mammary glands do not contain muscles, so it will not work if the breasts become 2-3 sizes larger with exercise. The purpose of glandular cells is to produce milk while feeding the baby. The glands only grow bigger if they gain mass. The chest can be strengthened, which causes the posture to equalize and the chest to tighten.

It is better to consult a specialist before starting the training, he will help you to choose the individual program.


When you decide to go to the gym, it’s worth noting that the pectoral muscles are more connected to the shoulders, shoulder blades, and arms. Before choosing a chest trainer, you need to consider the anatomical features of your body. The mammary gland eventually forms at the age of 18, after which it is located at the bottom of the pectoral muscle, so when pumped it goes down, it will be similar to the bodybuilder’s chest. The mammary glands can be tightened by swimming, lying down and raising the arms at an intersection.

dumbbell exercises for breast augmentation


The treatment is performed using special creams and gels. During the massage, blood rushes to the chest, the tone increases and sagging can be prevented. The massage can be performed in several ways:

  1. Water. It is done with the help of a contrast shower and in circular movements in the area of the bust. The duration of the procedure is 5-10 minutes per page.
  2. Corrective. It is done by the method of gentle caressing and touching. After pressing a little oil on her hands, she massages her chest with caressing movements. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes.
  3. Vacuum. This is done with a vacuum pump. Due to the dilation of the blood vessels, the glands begin to swell and become saturated with oxygen. The method promotes the production of estrogen, speeds up metabolic processes.
  4. Japan. The technique of oriental massage is reflexology, which weighs on certain areas. This type of massage at home is impossible without certain knowledge and skills.

After the manipulations, the breasts are soothed by caressing, resting for half an hour, and then wearing a supportive bra.

breast augmentation massage

Folk remedies for female breast augmentation

There are many popular ways to grow a lush bust and restore women’s health.

Mallow root potion

The origin of the broth has Ukrainian roots. For cooking you need mallow (2 tbsp. L. Chopped root), water (3 glasses). Boil each component for 15-20 minutes, filter, and cool. A woman should drink 70 ml three times a day before a meal.

Hop cone infusion

Hop cones contain phytoestrogens, which are similar to female hormones. Foods can change hormone levels, causing the breast to start growing. You can make a decoction from 20 g of hop cones, 1 cup of boiling water. The suppositories insist 2-3 hours, consume half a glass every day.

hop cone decoction for breast augmentation

Healing linden tea

Constant use of linden leaves can affect the growth of the mammary glands. The tea is made from dried linden leaves, a glass of boiling water. The liquid is infused for 10-15 minutes and consumed 3 times a day.

Infusion of oregano

Grass (5 tbsp. L. ) Pour hot water (500 ml). The mixture was covered with a lid and infused for 1-1. 5 hours. It is necessary to consume 100 ml of decoction before meals, twice a day.

Recipe for delicacies made of honey, nuts and lemons

One method of "grandma" is a walnut-honey delicacy. Mix the honey (1 cup) with the ground walnuts (1 cup) and the chopped lemon on a grater. The product is suitable for stimulating breast growth.

walnut-honey mixture for breast augmentation

Infusion recipe with oregano, hop cones and licorice

1 tablespoon. l. pour each component 1-1, 5 cups boiling water, stick for 1 hour. The cooled broth must be filtered. The product is soaked in 100 ml three times a day before meals. The mixture is taken for 1 month and then stopped for 7 days. The total duration of the infusion is 1 year.

Nettle tincture of wormwood and linden flowers

Linden, wormwood, nettle are especially effective for breast growth. 1 cup of boiling water requires 1 tsp. all plants. Each component was poured into boiling water, infused for 1 hour, filtered. The product is used every day, 100 ml three times. The soup is not used for more than 3 months.

Visual zoom

You can add splendor to your bust, change its shape with the help of improvised tools at home. Non-surgical augmentation is done by choosing the right clothes, makeup and even posture.

breast size before magnification


When a woman hunched over, her breasts seemed to "fall" inward, her shape and appearance changing significantly. You need to set an example from the stars at social events - they stand up straight, straighten their backs, shoulders, protrude from their buttocks and pull their stomachs in. Such women look sexy, attracting men’s attention more than crouching over beauties.

Straightening your back and shoulders alone gives you confidence, lifts your breasts, and makes you look sexier and more beautiful on the outside.


You can increase your breasts with cosmetics. This is possible with a bronzer and highlighter. Dark hoops are made with a bronzer on top of the chest, the highlighter is applied to the hollow area. Each is carefully shaded. It is important not to smear your clothes when applying makeup.


You can complete your bust with the right underwear and clothes. This is the fastest home breast augmentation option.

breast augmentation bra

The following are the most popular solutions that highlight a graceful bust:

  1. For a party or holiday, the girl wants to look attractive and sexy. This can be helped by a push-up bra, i. e. foam pads on the inside. Thanks to the special cut of the product, the chest rises upwards and the lower volume is provided by foam inserts. The only downside is that doctors cannot wear such a bra regularly.
  2. When choosing a T-shirt or T-shirt, you should prefer deep neckline models — this emphasizes even the smallest breasts.
  3. You can hide a small bust in bulky blouses in solid shades. The blouses fit well with the trouser suits that are currently at the forefront of fashion.
  4. The clothes are also chosen with a deep neckline and a tight fit. This will emphasize the grace of the figure.

The choice of clothing depends primarily on the woman’s individual preferences.

How to enlarge a girl's breasts with iodine

Despite its peculiarity, the lubrication of the iodine network on the chest area increases heat waves, saturating the mammary gland with nutrients. Using a iodine cotton swab, a net is drawn on the chest. The product is applied carefully without touching the nipples. So you can strengthen the skin in the bust area without surgery.