How to increase a woman's breast size? Modern methods

It is likely to be extremely problematic to adjust the size of women’s breasts to a generally accepted standard. This is due to the fact that every person has their own concept of beauty. The first size looks appealing to someone, but someone is happy with the lush and much-desired breasts.

But even with differences in taste, every woman wants to look attractive. We buy corrective underwear that can make our breasts even bigger and more attractive. But what about those who have nothing to increase? The only option in this case is breast augmentation through plastic surgery.

before and after breast augmentation

Methods of breast augmentation

  • The most popular among women is still to increase the size by inserting silicone implants. This method has been used by plastic surgeons worldwide for over 50 years. Implanted breast endoprosthesis is considered to be the most reliable and effective. In addition, each patient can choose the breasts that are right for them. This shapes, sizes, heights, etc. It is possible due to its huge selection. Most implant manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their products. This approach suggests that there is no need to lie under the surgeon’s knife again. The method of inserting the implant is determined jointly by the surgeon and the patient.
  • In addition to the above, many women use gel breast augmentation. Today, either synthetic or natural gels can be used during surgery. It is worth saying that synthetic-based gels are banned in many countries. The reason for this is their danger to the woman’s body. As for gels of natural origin, currently no female breasts have been enlarged with their help.
  • Breast augmentation - lipofilling. This method involves inserting your own fat cells into the patient’s breast. This extension option is the most valuable alternative to modern mammoplasty. It should be noted in particular that during the operation, two procedures are performed simultaneously: liposuction and enhancement. If you want to enlarge your breasts this way, you need to know that growth is only possible with one or two sizes. The situation is that adipose tissue introduced in large quantities can lead to a number of serious complications that can endanger both the patient’s health and life. The same cannot be said of the fact that before deciding on such an operation, you must carefully choose both the clinic and the surgeon.

In summary, even if you are a little unhappy with your natural proportions, you may want to think about it several times before you start breast augmentation. No doctor can say 100% that there will be no complication after surgery and in the near future.