The best breast augmentation techniques

woman who wants to increase her breasts

Flexible, lush breasts are considered the most attractive part of a woman’s image. It evokes wonderful glances from men and envy from women who didn’t even have a chance at a pleasant round bust.

Small breasts also have fans, but lagging mammary glands are signs of endocrine system failure and clearly indicate a delay in sexual development. This can be a health problem when the body does not produce enough estrogen, or a girl’s own perception that incorrectly evaluates her appearance and depends on her diet. The more a girl loses weight, the smaller her breasts.

That’s why 7 out of 10 women think at some point in their lives about how to enlarge their breasts. In addition, not all members of the fair dream of achieving maximum results in a short period of time without harming health, financial and physical costs. Real? I think not!

There are indeed many different methods of breast augmentation. They are all different, from the methods of traditional medicine, which require a systematic approach, from the physical practices, which require perseverance and the expression of willpower. But there are still dozens of drugs that temporarily enlarge breasts, or a radical implantation method that permanently eliminates the problem of small breasts but can be detrimental to health. Which path to choose? This article will help you make the right choice!

Safe methods of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation foods

There are foods that can help with breast augmentation. These include:

Tea with milk

Start each day with a tea, natural cow’s milk.

Turmeric with milk, water or honey

Make smoothies or dilute honey with water, don’t forget to add a pinch of turmeric. Consume such drinks one hour before meals 1-2 p / day.

white cabbage

This is the most famous breast augmentation product that has helped millions of women enlarge their breasts in 1 or even 2 sizes. Cut the cabbage into salads, roast and fry vegetables, and also cook cabbage soup because the cabbage is effective both fresh and processed. Alternatively, you can start and end your day with 50 ml of fresh cabbage juice. True, this method has contraindications, especially gastric diseases and digestive problems.

White bread

This method is based on the body's saturation with carbohydrates, which means that in addition to breast augmentation, the girl also restores other parts of the body (buttocks, waist, hips). Therefore, this method of breast augmentation is only suitable for girls who are too thin and need to gain weight.

Products containing phytoestrogens

If a woman has hormonal problems that hinder the development of the mammary glands, foods rich in natural analogues of the female hormone estrogen should be included in the diet. These include oats, green peas, lentils and other legumes.

Visual breast augmentation

This method does not have a direct effect on the mammary glands, but aims to create the visual splendor of the breast, increasing it by 1-2 sizes in a few minutes. This method can be a real salvation in a publication or presentation at a presentation. In addition, it is the safest as it does not provide changes in physiology.

Push up bra

In recent centuries, a tight corset has been used for visual breast augmentation. The waist became thinner and the chest larger. In the era of advanced socialism, when bras came into vogue, beauties filled their cups with cotton, thereby raising the bust. Today, this is not necessary, as special bras are available with hard cups with additional foam inserts attached inside. They raise the chest, creating the necessary volume and splendor.


The various bulky overlays (folds, ruffles, draperies) on the clothes contribute to the visual growth of the breast. The advantage for the girl with small breasts will be the big striped dresses, the point is that the stripes go horizontally. You can play with contrast, such as wearing a black bottom and a white top. The black skirt hides a few inches at the waist and hips, and the white top lends visual volume to the bust. Finally, you may want to abandon V-neck blouses in favor of oval or semicircular neckline dresses.

Fake brownness

Today, every experienced tanning professional will be able to highlight their breasts with the right application of a tanning bed. All you have to do is apply an extra layer of sunscreen between your breasts to get visually beautiful, lush and sexy breasts at the exit.

Exercises for breast augmentation

This is the most effective, non-surgical method for breast augmentation that allows the breast muscles to be inflated and the mammary glands to be made more flexible with some perseverance. The great advantage of such exercises is that you can do them without leaving your home. Let’s look at some of the most effective practices.

Recumbent supports

Start with 15 push-ups per day, gradually increasing the number. If this exercise is too difficult for you in the classic version, try doing it by throwing your feet on a chair or couch.

Push from the doors

Stand in the doorway, with your back to one wall and relax with the other hand. Start pushing the wall as if you want to move. Hold your chest muscles taut for 20 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds and repeat the item. Tighten your muscles for 5 minutes.

Pressure on the table

Sit at the table, place your palms on the surface of the table and start pushing and try to lift your body. You will feel your chest muscles tense. Hold the pressure for 30 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds and recharge the battery. The duration of the exercise is 5-7 minutes.

Dumbbell exercises

Hold a 1 kg dumbbell in each hand, stand up straight and raise your arm, start bending and bending at the elbow joint, raising and lowering the dumbbells. Then, keeping your hands at chest level in front of you, alternately fold them forward as if you were a percussionist. Repeat each item 30 times.

Compression of the ball

Take a basketball and start gripping it tightly on both sides. Hold the pressure for 15 seconds and then relax for 5 seconds. Repeat the item for 3 minutes.

Perform this gymnastic complex once or preferably twice a day. However, increase the load every week (size of the dumbbells, number of push-ups, duration of pressure) as it will not be possible to develop muscles without increasing the loads.

In addition to the suggested gymnastics, skipping rope, swimming and strength exercises will help strengthen the pectoral muscles.

Unsafe breast augmentation techniques

Breast augmentation surgery

Mammoplasty is the fastest and most radical way to solve this problem, allowing you to enlarge your breast in 3 sizes in one operation. Today, it is the most popular breast augmentation method that involves the implantation of artificial implants of different sizes, shapes and fillings under the pectoralis muscle.

Initially, manufacturers of such prostheses minimize the body’s response when using silicone plastic as a shell. However, the body continues to protest against the presence of the foreign body and forms scar tissue around the prosthesis. Experts are trying to find the best way to reduce such phenomena, warning that the textured (rough) surface of the prosthesis shell is preferable to the smooth one.

Before surgery, the doctor should inform the woman about the possible complications of breast augmentation.

Advantages and disadvantages of breast augmentation surgery

The girl’s desire to enlarge her breasts is perceived quite positively, but only until the moment the question of surgery arises. Here, society is divided into two camps - those who support the girl in her desires and those who categorically oppose interference with nature. Consider the arguments of both sides.

Benefits of the operation

The motives for mammary gland enlargement can be divided into two groups: aesthetic necessity and correction. The first includes:

  • breast reconstruction after removal of one or two breasts due to cancer or injury;
  • atrophy of the mammary glands due to hormonal disorders of the body;
  • correction of the unsuccessful outcome of previous breast surgery.
  • Correctional motives include breast enhancement in situations that do not involve surgery. This includes:
  • the girl’s desire to be sexy and attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. In some cases, women are placed under the surgeon’s knife at the man’s insistence;
  • restoring the shape of the breast lost during pregnancy and lactation;
  • a decrease in self-esteem when choosing tight clothes that emphasize the small bust;
  • changes in breast shape and size after sharp weight fluctuations due to diet or hormonal disease.
Disadvantages of the operation

Of course, this operation will help solve many problems, including aesthetic problems. However, inside a woman, breast implants can cause serious problems:

  • if a woman decides to become pregnant after breast augmentation and gives birth to a child, this automatically provokes the body to produce breast milk. In this case, the outflow of milk and the development of mastitis are most likely to be prevented;
  • the implant placed in the breast is displaceable, significantly impairing the aesthetic concept of surgery;
  • after surgery, the breast tissue may lose its sensitivity. This moment can cause discomfort, but more dangerously, the insensitive part of the breast ceases to signal to the body the development of inflammation or the appearance of a tumor. Prostheses make it difficult to detect breast cancer at an early stage;
  • the implant is a prosthesis, and each prosthesis wears out over time, loses its shape and requires replacement. In the case of breast implants, the replacement should be done every 10-15 years. And there is no certainty that, at the end of the given time, the woman is ready to be replaced financially or morally;
  • Possible troubles include compression of the prosthesis by scar tissue formed by the body and penetration of the silicone gel through the shell into the body. Sometimes women are unaware of silicone leakage as it can be asymptomatic;
  • If the prosthesis is filled with saline (very weak saline), damage to the breast implants due to leaking filler can be minimized. But fluid can make unwanted sounds with every movement, and irregularities can develop in the chest;
  • Carboxymethylcellulose (a hydrogel that is maximally compatible with body tissues) is also considered a safe filler - the advantages of such substances are that they are easily excreted from the body, decomposing into water and glucose. But this, of course, does not solve all the problems of restoring the shape of the breast in the future;
  • a woman who has undergone breast augmentation surgery should visit a plastic surgeon regularly;
  • the cost of the operation is quite high, which can also be attributed to the disadvantages of its implementation.

Contraindications to plastic surgery

In addition to the disadvantages of this operation, it has a number of contraindications. These include:

  • severe diseases of the kidneys and liver, heart, blood vessels and lungs, and diabetes;
  • blood pathology (decreased blood clotting or increased thrombus formation);
  • inoperable oncological tumor, regardless of the site of onset and the presence of metastases;
  • mental and nervous system diseases;
  • HIV infection, advanced hepatitis, syphilis and gonorrhea.
  • Temporary contraindications to the operation are as follows:
  • Under 18 years of age;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • colds, herpes and venereal diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • menstrual flow (in the week before the start, during the menstrual period, and in the week after the end of the flow);
  • allergic reactions of the body (angioedema or anaphylactic shock).

Medicated breast augmentation

Medicines that can enlarge breasts without surgery are classified into the following categories:

  • Hormonal drugs. These funds are designed to improve the work of the endocrine system by removing barriers to breast augmentation and contributing to its enlargement.
  • Oral contraceptive. The main purpose of these drugs is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and contribute to the enlargement of the mammary glands as a side effect.
  • Phytopreparations and food supplements. These bases contain plant extracts containing phytoestrogens.

Disadvantages of these drugs include high cost, low efficacy, and the likelihood of developing unpleasant side effects. In addition, to notice the results of breast augmentation, medications should be taken daily for 3-4 months.

Breast lift creams

Special to say about the special creams that nourish the connective tissues and fill the epidermis with elastin and collagen. The use of such funds allows you to make the skin more elastic in the breast area and the breast itself is taut. Typically, such products are labeled "neck and décolletage. "

You must use such funds with the following frequency:

  • the first 2 weeks - 1 time in 3 days;
  • the second 2 weeks - once a week;
  • the third 2 weeks - 1 time during this period;
  • further - once a month.

Folk remedies that increase breasts

Pectoralis muscle massage

By massaging your pectoral muscles regularly with special oils (peach, olive, coconut or grape seed oil), you can improve blood circulation in this area and promote breast augmentation. The most important thing is to perform the procedure regularly, at least three times a week.

Vacuum increase

This increase means that a special pump must be fitted to the mammary gland with which you can systematically enlarge the bust. However, positive opinions from women using a vacuum pump are extremely rare, and complications, including capillary rupture and mastitis, on the contrary, occur quite frequently.

Blue clay wraps

The blue clay is pre-diluted with olive oil to a creamy state and then applied to the breast surface, wrapped in polyethylene and with a warm towel. This procedure takes one hour and should be done three times a week.

Iodine nets

Iodine applied to the chest in the form of a net has many positive opinions. True, it is obvious that this method only helps if the breast does not develop due to iodine deficiency-related endocrine disease. This method should be used with extreme caution as uncontrolled use of iodine can lead to the formation of thyroid nodules or the growth of existing ones.

Mustard plasters

In the past, mustard plaster was used for breast augmentation, simply by applying brown sheets to the mammary glands. The effect in this case was due to a blood rush into the breast skin. Of course, the impact of such an increase was short-lived, but it was enough to attend a social event. Mustard plasters can still be used today, however, we must remember that this method is dangerous and can cause skin burns.

Hop cone infusion

The most effective folk method for breast augmentation is to take a hop cone infusion. To prepare the drug 1 tbsp. l. the hop cones should be poured into a thermos, pour a glass of boiling water on top and let stand for 8 hours. The reconstituted infusion should be taken with half a glass three times daily before meals. Practice shows that the first results are visible one month after taking the drug.

Walnuts and honey

This is the safest method of breast augmentation and has received good reviews. Take 500 g of peeled walnuts and pour 500 g of liquid honey on them. Infuse this mixture for a week, then start eating 3 nuts a day.


A popular recipe in southern countries for getting a wonderful bust. You need to eat 3 r / day for 1 tsp. turmeric in a glass with milk.


There's another old recipe. In the old days, women smeared their breasts daily with the foam of live beer to enlarge their busts.

Useful tips

  1. people with poor health and chronic illness should not use dubious recipes for breast augmentation;
  2. after deciding on breast augmentation surgery, be sure to visit an endocrinologist, cardiologist, and therapist to recognize the contraindications to the surgery in a timely manner;
  3. It is also important to consult a professional before using medications and creams for breast augmentation because some products can do more harm than good.
  4. Lastly, remember that despite the fact that men incredibly love lush breasts, members of the stronger sex value spiritual beauty, humor, and intelligence in girls above all else!