How breast augmentation surgery works: all about mammoplasty

One of the "symbols" of female attraction is voluminous, beautifully shaped breasts.

Unfortunately, these requirements are very difficult to meet, especially if nature has not awarded such a wonderful gift.

Modern plastic surgery can be called to help because operations to enlarge the glands are far from rare today.

How this process works and the answers to the most exciting questions can be found in our article.

Basic idea

increased breast size after surgery

The "official" name for such an intervention is mammoplasty. There are no medical indicators for implementation, it is more about aesthetic appeal.

They are basically used when the symmetry of the mammary glands is noticeably interrupted and when visual defects interfere with normal life. There is another category of patients - girls who are dissatisfied with the natural size of their breasts.

In this case, you need to know exactly all the possible consequences and weigh the pros and cons soberly.

Indications for implementation:

  • Anatomical features (breasts too small or asymmetrical).
  • Breast sagging after pregnancy, lactation or severe weight loss.
  • Age - related changes.
  • Rehabilitation after removal of the mammary glands (breast prosthesis).

Mamoplasty surgery helps after the mammary glands have been removed, usually in cancer patients. Plastic surgery is performed only after complete healing and medical examination because the risk of recurrence is very high.

In the photo: the result of plastic surgery to enlarge the mammary glands

before and after breast augmentation

What is the procedure

The following information will be very helpful for the owner of a small breast. There is an opinion that this is a completely safe and almost familiar procedure because actresses and show business stars are constantly making similar experiments with their appearances.

However, not everything is that simple because any intervention in the work of internal systems involves unexpected complications.

To avoid this, choose a qualified surgeon carefully and do not ignore the details of the postoperative implementation and rehabilitation process.

How it all happens:

  1. Necessary examination according to the protocol, consultation with a doctor and identification of possible contraindications.
  2. Selection of the shape and types of implants.
  3. Preparing for surgery. The calculation of the required dose of anesthesia is performed according to the individual parameters of the patient.
  4. The duration of the procedure is 1-2 hours.
  5. It is advisable to stay in the clinic for at least another day or two to rule out well-being after anesthesia.
  6. During the rehabilitation period, it is very important that you follow all the instructions of the doctor, if necessary, contact him directly.
  7. The stitches are removed after a few days, depending on the material used. Nowadays, self-absorbing sutures are increasingly used.
  8. After about two months, the body finally adapts.

You can usually return to a normal life after two weeks, but during this period it is very important to maintain physical peace and be sure to wear corrective underwear.

Types of surgery

When contacting the clinic, it is essential to agree on the appropriate type of surgery. In addition, the doctor can advise on the optimal shape of the implants for her breasts to make the metamorphoses produced look natural and beautiful.

How the surgical approach is done:

breast augmentation surgery
  • The inframammary method is considered the most popular. The skin incision is made just below the breast, so it is then successfully hidden by a natural shoot. It is different in safety and visually invisible.
  • Periareolar incisions are made along the contours of the areola. There is a high risk of damage to the milk ducts, which will disrupt lactation processes in the future. It is mainly used in women who have already given birth.
  • The method of insertion of the transaxilar implant is performed from the side of the armpit. Not recommended due to high risk of lymph node damage. In addition, a noticeable scar may remain on the skin, which is also unacceptable.
  • The transdomdominal method is practically not used in modern surgery. In this case, the implants are inserted through the abdominal cavity, which is filled with damage to internal organs.

Most often, this operation is recommended after the birth and feeding of children.

After such global changes, certain changes often occur in a woman’s body. The chest lowers and resembles a fold of skin. In this case, self-esteem decreases noticeably and a psychological complex appears. The easiest way to correct and revert to previous forms is to seek surgical help.

Pictured: result of breast augmentation surgery

photos before and after breast augmentation


An important condition for a good result is the correct preparation and evaluation of the patient's individual indicators.

You should consult not only a plastic surgeon but also an anesthesiologist and mammologist. If necessary, visit an endocrinologist and gynecologist as well.

Measures required before surgery:

quitting smoking and alcohol before breast augmentation
  • Do not take hormonal medications, such as contraception, for two months before surgery.
  • Quit alcohol and smoking about a week before the procedure.
  • Three days before the procedure, it is advisable to limit the diet, give up "heavy" food and products.
  • All medicines should be discussed with your doctor.
  • You should not use medications that stimulate blood thinning.

The patient must be absolutely healthy because even a banal cold "shifts" the timing of surgery.

The doctor should also be informed of possible problems and contraindications so that the result does not have unintended consequences.

In which cases is the operation not performed:

  1. The patient is under 18 years of age.
  2. Pregnancy and breast-feeding (at least 6 months should pass after breast-feeding).
  3. Period of menstruation.
  4. Presence of tumors anywhere.
  5. Blood clotting disorders.
  6. Chronic diseases during exacerbation.

The psychological attitude of the patient is very important. Once you have made an informed decision to change the shape and size of your breast, you can expect a positive outcome of the event.

bonding after breast augmentation surgery

Rehabilitation period

The opinions of girls who have undergone such surgery indicate the severity of the rehabilitation period. Be sure to talk to your doctor about possible postoperative difficulties.

Usually, you need to seek the help of loved ones in advance because many everyday tasks will be impossible at first.

Characteristics of the rehabilitation period:

  • Pain and discomfort can be felt in the first few days, so painkillers are usually prescribed.
  • Special compression underwear must be worn for the first two months. After that, it should only be worn at night.
  • For the first two to three months, you can’t sleep on your stomach or side, just on your back.
  • It is essential to make a bandage every other day and use anti-inflammatory drugs to heal scars.
  • Physical activity and visits to the sauna and swimming pool are prohibited for at least three months.
  • It is advisable to limit UV exposure and tanning visits.
  • In the first two weeks after surgery, you cannot lift more than 1 kg, put your arms up and do heavy physical work. The load gradually increases, but the patient needs rest and good nutrition to recover.

The average duration of such postoperative rehabilitation is 6-12 months.

It is very important to follow all the doctor’s recommendations and to perform hygienic procedures and dressings.


The traditional "silicone, " criticized by many users for the relatively low strength and safety of the shell, has given way to the latest materials. However, modern implants are usually also made of silicone, but we are only talking about a gel-like material.

selection of implants for breast augmentation

The shape can be distinguished:

  • Round implants. They give spectacular growth but a slightly unnatural effect.
  • The anatomical implants are slightly elongated in shape and are excellent for creating a natural, lush breast effect. Disadvantages include the risk of twisting when the breast is deformed.

The size of the implant also matters. A qualified doctor will never increase a size larger than three at a time. This is not only due to the visual inconsistency of such a transformation.

The fact is that for breast augmentation, one uses one’s own skin, which is difficult to stretch immediately to such a size. The load on the spine increases, which can lead to health problems.

We’ve all heard stories about stories that are overly passionate about breast augmentation to unimaginable (and utterly ugly) sizes. Such an obsession becomes a real addiction and leads to a sad result. If you have a good enough reason to seek the help of a plastic surgeon, it is very important that you clearly assess your abilities and look at the problem soberly.

Possible consequences

Any intervention in the work of our organization brings with it the emergence of new problems. This statement fully applies to mammoplasty. It is a mistake to think that such a procedure is performed exclusively by "stars" because the clientele of plastic clinics is filled with new patients every year.

This is due not only to attempts to effectively change their appearance, but also to modern possibilities for eliminating cosmetic defects, as before.

complications after breast augmentation

However, the following unpleasant symptoms may occur after mammoplasty:

  • Low back pain and increased fatigue due to weight redistribution.
  • Painful feelings in the chest area.
  • Individual negative reactions and fibrotic tissue changes may occur at the site of implantation.
  • Severe swelling of the abdomen. Usually, these symptoms go away on their own within a month of surgery.
  • Temporary loss of nipple sensitivity. In some patients, the opposite reaction is observed - excessive irritability of this zone.
  • Infectious processes usually indicate an inadequately high level of hygiene.

Not always, after all the hardships and financial costs are endured, you get a breast that ideally meets your desires.

Before surgery, you should be aware that wearing implants will continue throughout your life. They are guaranteed and it is not always possible to replace them. Usually, the presence of a foreign body in the chest does not cause discomfort, but sometimes this possibility becomes unacceptable due to individual intolerance.

before and after breast augmentation


One of the most enduring prejudices about breast augmentation is the exaggerated rumor about the fabulous amounts needed for such a transformation. Of course, plastic surgery is considered one of the most expensive medical services today, but the average cost will be much lower than rumors.

The final price of such services is influenced by additional factors such as the type and size of the implants, the method of installation and the manipulations required. In general, price provides a full range of services, from examination to postoperative care.


First opinion:

After the birth of my second child, my breasts sagged catastrophically. First I reassured myself that I was still feeding my son, then everything would return to normal. The miracle didn’t happen, so even after returning my "prenatal" volumes, an empty bra and complete disappointment remained. He didn't dare to operate for a long time, joked, and didn't think seriously. I changed my mind about an unpleasant event at a friendship party when the husband began to stare openly at the mistress’s young friend. After this unfortunate evening, he decided resolutely that he would be the most desirable again. I collected the information for a long time and carefully, according to the opinions I chose a clinic and a doctor, I compared the prices and the conditions. In the end, everything went well, I was really lucky with the doctor, even a few months after the surgery I could call with a stupid question and get qualified help without any reservations. I don’t really want to remember the process itself and the "adventure" that followed, the point is, I feel like a girl again now. Externally and tactile, the chest became a little different, but I like it even more. Whether or not to perform a mammogram in each case is up to the woman, and if she does decide to take such a step, the most important thing is to clarify for herself any questions about the topic.

Second review:

Mammoplasty did not have to be done voluntarily. The fact that I had a lot of milk during the breastfeeding period, but only in my left breast. This is a fairly rare case, as my gynecologist explained to me, but I didn’t feel any relief at all. As a result, one breast practically didn’t change, but it was scary to look at the other. There was no strength to bear this, many complexes appeared, and it was even very difficult in a purely practical sense (for example, when choosing clothes and underwear). As a result, I turned to our plastic surgery clinic, I was very nervous at first, but the consultation with a specialist helped to overcome any neurosis. Preparing for the surgery took a long time, but these were unforeseen situations (the husband embarked on a long business trip, no one could help with his daughter). As a result, everything was postponed to the fall, I even thought of leaving this business altogether. The operation itself went very quickly and somehow without unpleasant memories. They were released on the third day, after which I had to come for examination every week. She made the dressing herself, luckily she has a medical degree. At first the seams were very scary, I thought they would stay that way, but without any healing. Now I understand how important it is for a woman to always feel beautiful. I’m not saying breast surgery is a panacea, but in some cases you can’t do without it.

Mammoplasty is a fairly serious procedure, so you need to be prepared for it in advance. Even without touching the psychological side of the issue, you should be aware of all the nuances and characteristics of the operation, as well as its contraindications and possible adverse effects.

Plastic surgery is evolving and evolving, so girls now have more options to eliminate cosmetic flaws.

The characteristics of breast augmentation, the postoperative rehabilitation period, and the estimated cost of the procedure are described in our information.