Massage for breast augmentation in 3 days. How to do it at home

Breast augmentation massage helps to tighten and correct your shapewithout surgery.

Girl doing massage for breast augmentation

The effectiveness of this technique is due to the fact that it affects certain points in the body, resulting in an increase in the release of female hormones responsible for breast growth.

Benefits and dangers of massage to increase bust

Any massage manipulation, including those that increase the bust, has a beneficial effect on the tissues, triggering a number of mechanisms.

With the help of massage, not only the appearance but also the health of the breast is improved.There are many massage techniques. Each has both advantages and disadvantages. But in any case, the massage has a good effect on the appearance of the breast, improves the condition of the skin, increases the overall tone and elasticity.

Thanks to the effect of the massage, blood circulation is increased, useful microelements enter the cells of the epidermis and capillaries are formed. Thanks to the massage, the cells of the epidermis regenerate, regenerate and the condition of the skin noticeably improves.

These are the following:

  • activation of metabolismleads to tightening of the skin due to mechanical irritation in the thickness of the dermis, making it smoother and more elastic;
  • in subcutaneous tissues, hemodynamics are significantly improved and as a resulttissue saturation with oxygen and nutrients. . .

Before performing a breast massage at home, you need to examine it.

Examination by a doctor before starting the massage for breast augmentation

Cysts and other benign tumors detected during the examination and ultrasound examination exclude the possibility of massage.

How does massage help to increase breasts?

Changes in chest size due to regular massage occur due to activation of the metabolism of the skin, subcutaneous tissues, and underlying tissues.Massaging movements stimulate blood circulationand contribute to the increased nutrition of the dermis, adipose and muscle tissues, and glandular epithelium.

Traditional massage

In this case, it is very important to perform the massage correctly. Every technique is different. You can only achieve the desired effect by following the recommendations and rules.The algorithm of classical massage is as follows:

Stage Name of massage date Description
one Caress The caress of the mammary gland is done in circular motions from the direction of the nipple. The duration of this phase is about 1 minute. Manipulations should be performed and not pressed.
2 Trituration Manipulations should be performed from the nipple along with a slight movement of the skin. Rubbing is done on the entire breast area. In summary, it should be rubbed with fists from top to bottom without putting too much pressure and supporting your chest from below. Massage the lower part in the same way.
3 Vibration The fingers of the hand should be placed in the area of the mammary gland and vibration should be triggered by "jerking" movements. So you have to "walk" all over the surface.
4 Caress About 1 minute. Caressing improves skin tone, strengthens it and stimulates lymphatic circulation.

A traditional massage for breast augmentation lasts 10-15 minutes and can be done 1-3 times a day.

Japanese massage

Such a massage to increase the bust does not mean manipulating the mammary glands.The effect is carried out at active points in the body, stimulating the blood flow of estrogen, which is manifested by an increase in the volume of the mammary glands.

The effect on the biologically active points is done by pressing with the pads of the fingers from top to bottom.

Location of special points:

  • the area of the projection on the surface of the thyroid body;
  • the upper part of the shoulder girdle;
  • interscapular region;
  • upper neck.

It is recommended to perform the shiatsu massage (Japanese massage) while bathing before going to bedthen massage the targets with a shower.

Classical Chinese massage

To find the points you want to influence,the fingers of the hand should be placed 5 cm above the solar plexus and spread 1 cm in both directions. . . The effect on the points is done with the help of special balls, rotated and pressed on the surface of the skin.

The duration of stimulation of a point is 30 seconds, followed by a pause. During 1 massage, 8-10 strokes must be performed at each point.

In addition, the active points between the thumb and forefinger should be clearly visible.To complete the Chinese massage, wrap the balls on the floor with your feet., thus performing another point massage, which affects the growth of the bust.

Chi technique

This technique uses the effects of hormones to change the size of the mammary glands.

The massage technique is as follows:

  1. The procedure should begin with warming the palms: rub them intensely.
  2. Place your palms on your mammary glands, separating your fingers.
  3. Rotation. To increase the size of the mammary glands, they should be rotated from the shoulder to the middle of the chest (inwards). The number of circular movements should be 36 times.

Experts in Eastern practices saywith the movement in the opposite direction (outward), the massage leads to a reduction in the size of the chest. . .

Oil massage

This type of effect on the body contributes to a slight growth of the mammary glands, an active diet and an increase in the elasticity of the skin. Manipulation should be done after using a light scrub as its efficiency increases.

Any vegetable oil is suitable for oil massage.

Olives It makes the skin tight and smooth.
Grape seed oil It provides an intense moisturizing effect that improves skin elasticity and makes fine wrinkles less visible.
Sea buckthorn It activates the repair of epidermal cells and also saturates them with vitamins.
Apricot It contains the vitamins necessary for the skin and gives elasticity to the skin.
A combination of sunflower and sea buckthorn oils, mixed in equal proportions. It is recommended in cases where the skin loses its elasticity prematurely, becomes flabby and flabby.

A small amount of oil should be rubbed into the skin of the breast with gentle caressing movements around.

Expert advice:

  1. Before starting the procedure, you should make sure that there is no allergic reaction to the selected vegetable oil.
  2. Adding a drop of lemon juice to the oil gradually fades the age spots.

A gentle oil massage should be performed no more than 3 days a week.

Hydromassage for breast augmentation

For a gentle but effective effect on the mammary glands, the water pressure should be adjusted so that it is not too strong. The blow is performed in circular motions.

The following areas must be affected during the hydromassage:

  • the total surface of the mammary gland;
  • the area under the chest, the space between the ribs;
  • the area above the mammary glands.

The water should have a pleasant temperature. The water massage lasts 10 minutes for breast augmentation.

Use a contrast shower

This procedure activates hemodynamics in the blood vessels in the mammary gland, promotes skin firmness and increases elasticity.Hot water should be changed to cool to avoid extreme temperatures- hot and too cold. It is recommended to finish the procedure with cold water.

Vacuum massage

Unlike other types of massage, which can be performed without special tools, it involves the use of vacuum massage devices to enlarge the chest - a device that consists of a cup that connects the mammary gland and a compressor that draws air out of the cup.

As a result, blood rushes to the mammary gland and its volume increases for a while.Gradually, the volume of the breast returns to the original.

Vacuum massage to enlarge the breast for a while

Disadvantage of thatthis massage method for breast augmentation is not intended for systematic use, as this provokes the appearance of the vascular network.

Taoist massage

The ancient technique is most important in cases where the breasts sag prematurely.

Reception Description of the massage technique Number of iterations
one Rotation Each mammary gland should be lightly compressed in the palm of your hand and rotated from your shoulders to the middle of your chest.

2 Pressure After placing your hands on your nipples, gently press them while taking a deep breath; after a few seconds, release as you exhale. 8-10

Corrective massage

Corrective breast augmentation massage is recommended by specialists in cases where the stretch marks or skin sag due to peretraction.

The technique is somewhat similar to traditional massage.

one Applying cream It is advisable to use special products to combat stretch marks or tighten the nipple.

It is highly recommended to use only certified products and check the expiration date. An allergy test should be performed before starting the massage.

2 Caress The movements are performed with your fingertips, in a circle.

The cream should not be applied to the nipple and face.

3 Patting Light tactile movements should be directed up, down and sideways from the nipples.
4 Final caress These massage manipulations should be performed in a circle, holding the chest with the other hand.

Massage with gloves

In order not to injure the skin of the chest, the stiffness of the glove must correspond to the sensitivity of the skin.In addition to stimulating hemodynamics, this massage helps remove dead epidermal cells and stimulates skin regeneration.

Abrasive gloves should be made of natural materials.

The massage movements are performed in a circle:from the nipple to the armpit and then from the nipple to the clavicle.

General recommendations from experts

The main condition under which chest massage proves its effectiveness is regularity. Only daily massage manipulations can achieve good results.

Breast before and after massage

Before proceeding with the massage, decide in advance on the choice of cream. It needs to be moisturizing and nourishing to have a beneficial effect on this delicate area of the body. The effect also depends on the choice of cream.

The neckline is thin and vulnerable. The massage should be done carefully, do not be zealous and do not press too much on the skin. Operations should be easy.

After 3 days of massage, the result will not be so tangible, but with regular procedures, the breast tissue will get flexibility, beautiful shapes and size increase.Massage manipulations should not cause pain, should be light, superficial.

Before you start massaging your bust, you need to make sure there are no contraindications.

To do this, doctors (gynecologist, mammologist) should be consulted and subjected to the examination prescribed by them. It helps rule out tumors and other diseases of the breast that will be contraindicated for chest massage procedures.

Contraindications to other organs and systems of the body should be ruled out. To reduce the likelihood of skin damageExperts recommend the use of products specially developed for massage. . .

Before starting the procedure, carefully read the recommendations of the experts regarding the chosen technique. Before starting a massage course, you need to make sure that the medication you choose does not cause allergies (after all, any individual).

To do this, the product should be applied to a small area of skin on the wrist or elbow joint. If there is hypersensitivity, it manifests itself in 10-15 minutes with reddening of the skin.In case of severe allergies, itching and rash may appear in the treated area.

For greater effectiveness, experts recommend combining massage with a special set of exercises designed to strengthen the large muscles of the pectoral muscle to increase chest size.

When should breast massage not be used?

Like all medical manipulations,breast massage has contraindicationsin the presence of which the massage will be harmful to health.

Breast augmentation massage is contraindicated in the following cases:

  1. Any disease- weakness, tiredness, headache, dizziness, increased drowsiness. These symptoms may indicate an onset of the disease. Against the background of the massage, the general condition will deteriorate. There are no benefits to massaging under such conditions.
  2. During pregnancy and lactationmassage should not be performed. However, the final decision rests with the woman watching. You cannot start a massage without your permission.
  3. Intensive massage movements are contraindicated in the area of décolletage.Rubbing too hard can damage thin blood vessels and cause bruises.
  4. Neoplasms and other breast diseases, revealed in a special study - also a contraindication.
  5. Massage is contraindicated in severe stages of the diseaseit affects the blood vessels and the heart, kidneys, liver, thyroid, adrenal glands and lungs.
  6. The massage is not appropriateto increase the bust in the background of slimming diets.

Creams to be used

Cosmetics used for breast massage must meet certain requirements.

The main criteria for cosmetics are:

  1. It is advisable to use creamsdesigned to improve breast condition: they contain many moisturizing and toning ingredients.
  2. The cosmetic product must be certified- after all, the consumer must have confidence in his quality.
  3. The cream should not be usedif the skin reacts to it with redness, swelling, itching or rash (even if these phenomena are short-lived and disappear without a trace).
  4. It is recommended to buy cosmetics at the pharmacy.or a shop. Funds purchased "out of hand" with an unspecified composition can cause unwanted reactions.

How often to massage

Massage manipulations are performed daily during the course, which is a 10-14 procedure (10-14 days). According to experts, in order to achieve the result of mammary gland growth, massage processes should be repeated every 2-3 months.